Expect a relaxed atmosphere with patient and caring teachers.  We take it
one step at a time and have fun doing it!

Class Descriptions
Class Fees


Please read class descriptions (below) for any prerequisites.
SUMMER SESSION with Val and Jay!
Ballroom & Latin BeginnersTuesday, Jun 05 to Jul 31, 7:00-8:00 $145.00


SWING HUSTLEWednesday, Jun 06 to Jun 20, 7:00-9:00 $90.00

June 6, 13, 20 at lower Filberg!

LINDY-HOPWednesday, Jun 27 to Jul 11, 7:00-9:00 $90.00

June 27, July 4, 11 at Comox Rec.

NIGHTCLUB SLOWWednesday, Jul 18 to Aug 01, 7:00-9:00 $90.00

July 18, 25, Aug 1 at Comox Rec.

FOOTLOOSE Drop-in Workshops
Tuesdays June 5 - July 31
Time: 8-9 pm
Cost: $15 each
Location: Comox Rec.

No Partners or Registration Needed for FOOTLOOSE. Solo Practice Only!

Jun 05Ballroom Footwork$15
Jun 12Rhythm Footwork (Latin and Swing)$15
Jun 19Frame$15
Jun 26Underarm Turns$15
Jul 03Cuban Motion$15
Jul 10Twinkles$15
Jul 17Pivots$15
Jul 24Arm Styling$15
Jul 31Putting it all together!$15

Complimentary Dance Lesson

Every September ValDance offers a free dance lesson for new dancers. Partners not required. Registration not required, just drop-in. Dip your toes into the wonderful world of ballroom dancing! This is an opportunity to see what it's all about and discover the dancer inside of you who has been dying to get out! Have fun sampling some ballroom, latin and swing styles.

Join us Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at the Rotary Hall from 7:00-8:00 p.m.

ValDance Class Schedules

ValDance is located at the Comox Rec. Multi-Purpose Hall Tuesday and Friday and the Rotary Hall Wednesday and Thursday.

You can join 3 times a year: September, January and June. Watch for Schedules and Register Online.

Winter Classes 2018:
TuesdaysFeb. 6 - May 8
WednesdaysFeb. 7 - May 9
ThursdaysFeb 1 - May 10 (no class due to no venue Feb. 15)
Fridays (2-3pm)Feb 2 - May 11 (no class Good Friday, March 30)

Class Descriptions
ARGENTINE TANGO: A modern style to modern Tango music. It is slower and dreamier than the staccato style of Smooth Tango. (Lady doesn't lean on man). Words cannot describe what a fantastic dance this is!

PERFORMANCE CLASSES: For committed dancers ready to be challenged by choreography and performing. The main focus is learning more advanced material and improving technique. The Gala performance is a low pressure event and a great way to celebrate your achievement over the year.

BALLROOM & LATIN BEGINNERS I: An introduction to 6 of the most popular social dances: Fox Trot, Swing, Waltz, Tango, Rumba and Cha Cha. We learn just 2 dances at a time and there is lots of review throughout the course. Highly recommended if you have never danced before.

BALLROOM BEGINNERS II: Study Fox Trot, Waltz and Tango with more emphasis on technique. Learn more advanced patterns to further enjoy your ballroom dances. We work on 1 dance for the full hour for 4 or 5 weeks. Prerequisite: Ballroom & Latin Beginners I. Please note: if you can lead/follow all steps from Beginners I then you are ready to move on, if not, it is wise to repeat Beginners. You will find it a different and easier experience the second time around. It will still offer enough challenge as it allows you to focus on developing your frame, leading/following, style, and floorcraft since you already know the basic rhythms and patterns. It will make you a stronger more confident dancer.

CHA CHA / RUMBA I: Enjoy learning new and exciting intermediate level patterns in Cha Cha and Rumba as you continue to work on technique. Prerequisite: Must be able to lead/follow all patterns in LB II.

CHA CHA / RUMBA II: Learn advanced patterns in Cha Cha and Rumba with more emphasis on style and technique. Prerequisite: Must be able to lead/follow all patterns in Cha Cha/Rumba I.

CHILDREN'S CLASS: This class is for children ages 9 to 12 who are interested in learning Latin, Ballroom and Swing dancing. The focus is on fun while learning proper frame and technique in a wide variety of dance styles. It is a 60 minute class that will run for 9 months, concluding with a demonstration at our Spring Gala in May.

CUBAN SALSA I: Salsa is loosely based on the more stylized Mambo. Salsa has very simple footwork with lots of interesting turns and wraps. It is fast, flashy and fun yet easy to learn. No prerequisites are required to take this class. We start at Beginner basics and work our way upward.

CUBAN SALSA II: More exciting patterns, more fun, even flashier. Prerequisite: Cuban Salsa I.

EAST COAST SWING - Beginner/Intermediate: East Coast Swing is the base for all Swing dances. It is known as the North American fun dance. The Triple Rhythm style is extremely versatile since it can be danced to a wide variety of musical genres. This is an important dance to know. This class is a natural progression for people who have taken Single Time Swing in Ballroom and Latin Beginners I and suitable for anyone who likes this genre. You will be learning intermediate level patterns by the end of the course.

EAST COAST SWING - Intermediate/Advanced: This class will develop your East Coast Swing even further with more exciting patterns to learn. Prerequisite: East Coast Swing Beginner/Intermediate

FOX TROT / WALTZ I: This class takes you from a Beginner II level dancer into an intermediate level with an even stronger focus on technique with more beautiful patterns in Fox Trot and Waltz. Prerequisite: must be able to lead/follow all patterns in BB II.

FOX TROT / WALTZ II: Develop into a beautiful ballroom dancer in this class with advanced patterns and an even stronger focus on style and technique in Fox Trot and Waltz. Prerequisite: must be competent in Fox Trot/Waltz I.

LADIES LATIN LINE DANCING: Learn the ladies part in Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, Salsa and Merengue in short routines, line dance style. Beginner level. No partners needed.

LATIN BEGINNERS II: Add to your repertoire of patterns in Rumba and Cha Cha while developing your styling and technique. You will be introduced to two more exciting dances: Mambo and Samba. Prerequisite: Ballroom & Latin Beginners I.

MERENGUE: Merengue is the simplest Latin dance to learn. If you can march you can do the Merengue. It is a lively dance set to a fast marching beat with lots of turns and wraps. It is a great dance to introduce you to Cuban motion. (Latin styling)

MUCHO MAMBO: To give this unique dance the time it deserves we are focusing on it exclusively in this new class. Prerequisite: Latin Beginners II or Salsa I. Mambo is the root of Salsa. She is the classier, more sophisticated big sister to Salsa. Footwork is more precise and the fast, compact patterns require more technique but the main challenge in Mambo is learning to dance on the "offbeat" or upbeat or on count 2 instead of count 1. That is what sets Mambo apart from any other dance and makes it look so flashy. This is American Style Mambo and not the same as Salsa on 2!

SAMBA/MAMBO: This class is for students who like a challenge and want to expand their Latin repertoire with these two exciting rhythms. Samba is unique to all the other Latin dances in that it has a traveling action around the floor with lots of spins and controlled bounces. If you like Salsa you will love the Mambo! Good Mambo dancers are showstoppers on a dance floor. It is a high energy dance with fast, compact steps. Prerequisite: LB II.

SAMBA INT./ADV.: You must have LB II to take this class and healthy knees. Samba is truly unique. It is the only Latin dance that travels around the floor. It has a unique hip action, a lilting bounce and footwork that sometimes resembles the Waltz. For those who have taken Int. Latin years ago you will see lots of new patterns in this class.

SOPHISTICATED CLUB DANCES - SWING HUSTLE & BOLERO: If you would like to stand out on the nightclub floor these dances are for you. Must have good basic skills in Swing, Ballroom and Latin. Swing Hustle is a fast, smooth, rotating slot dance, with lots of spins and wraps. Bolero is a very slow romantic latin dance suited to ballads that do not fit the tempo of Fox Trot or Rumba. It is an advanced style of Rumba. If you know Nightclub Two-Step, learning Bolero is taking the next step up.

SINGLE SWING / SWING HUSTLE: This new class is open to all skill levels. These dances compliment each other well since they are both upbeat and fun swing styles and share many of the same patterns. Most students only know a few steps in each of these dances so now you can expand your repertoire and become much more proficient. Single Swing is East Coast Swing without the triple step. It is a single step and a single step and a rock step. It is danced when the music is too fast for East Coast Swing. Swing Hustle is the dance that began the disco craze in the '70's and created the phenomenon of discotheques opening overnight around the world. Much of today's music has a distinct disco flavour with a strong pounding beat. It is a fast smooth dance, with the lady spinning almost constantly, while her partner draws her close and sends her away.

SWING: This is a very comprehensive Swing program. We start off with the simple Single Time Swing to get you dancing quickly, move into East Coast Swing (triple rhythm) which is very similar, and Lindy timing (not the Lindy Hop). Near the end of the course we will introduce you to a few basic steps in Swing Hustle and West Coast Swing just to give you a little sampling of these great dances. Suitable for beginners or experienced dancers who have not taken Swing before.

TOTALLY TANGO I: This is an American Smooth Style class which will take you from BB II Tango into more intermediate level steps with more focus on proper tango style and technique. Some patterns have an Argentine influence which are fun to explore.

TOTALLY TANGO II: We will place an even greater focus on good style and technique as you learn more advanced Tango patterns in this American Smooth style. Your passion for Tango will flourish when you dance these incredible patterns! Prerequisite: Must be able to lead/follow all steps in Totally Tango I.

TOTALLY TEENS: Learn to partner dance in several styles that are fun in the club scene: Cha Cha,East Coast Swing, Salsa, Swing Hustle, Tango and more.

VIENNESE WALTZ I: Viennese Waltz is danced to a very fast waltz tempo, highly aerobic. Good frame is the key. Learning Viennese Waltz is an exciting challenge that will make you a better dancer. Experience in BB II Slow Waltz is an advantage but if you have taken Beginner Ballroom and Latin and are keen to learn this dance, you are welcome to join us.

VIENNESE WALTZ II: Continue to develop your style and technique as you learn more thrilling patterns to get you around the dance floor! Prerequisite: Viennese Waltz I

WEST COAST SWING I - Beginner/Intermediate: West Coast Swing is the most sophisticated of all the Swing dances. It is very smooth and stylized and is danced to a slow or medium tempo. It is recommended that you have some dance experience before taking this class. We start with the basics and work into more intermediate level steps.

WEST COAST SWING II: Intermediate/Advanced: This class is for very competent West Coast Swing dancers. Fantastic material to learn. Prerequisite: West Coast Swing - Beginner/Intermediate

YOUTH BALLROOM: For boys and girls ages 11-15. This class is by invitation or audition only. Previous dance experience is advantageous but not necessary if you have a keen desire to learn. Must be available show week and performance (typically in May) and for all classes Tuesdays 5-6 p.m. Sept. to May. Regular attendance is required. Must be respectful, have good musicality, quick to pick up steps. Several ballroom, latin and swing styles will be covered.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons with Val or Jay can be arranged at your convenience.

WORKSHOPS 7-8 p.m. There will be a dance workshop every Friday night from 7-8 p.m. Check the schedule on the News page. Workshops are open to all students and visitors. See admission fees below.

FRIDAY NIGHT DANCES 8-10 p.m. A balanced mix of Ballroom, Latin and four styles of Swing music are played. For your added enjoyment we have a special theme night once a month.

Check the News & Events menu or the bulletin board at the hall for the schedule for theme nights, workshops and any other news.

Class Fees

GST is included in all prices. We also pay SOCAN and ReSound fees

All Winter/Spring classes are at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Comox Community Centre, 1855 Noel Ave. Comox Tuesday and Friday and the Rotary Hall Wednesday and Thursday.

Winter fees, 14 weeks $228.

Private lessons $65.00/hour for single or couple

Policy on missed classes: You may come to any class you wish to make up for missed classes. It's a good way to try something new or review something you haven't done for awhile. Use Friday night dances to catch up as well. Feel free to ask us for help. You may receive a credit toward the next term if you must miss a large block of classes for any reason.

Online registration must be completed and all fees must be paid in full at or before your first lesson in order to participate in the class.

For Fall classes, you may pay in 2 installments. Date the second cheque for March 15, 2018. Cheques are payable to Val Halme NOT ValDance.

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